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I'm sure like us you have one or two football fans in your life who love receiving gifts from their favourite team. However finding the perfect gift for a football fan can be a nightmare. What do they need that they don't already have? Will they use what i get them? These are thoughts every gifter has experienced. 


The ultimate gift for any Football fan! FANCRATE creates football gift boxes for Liverpool,  Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham & Fulham, with more teams coming soon. Each FANCRATE box comes with officially licensed apparel, merchandise, fan gear and the chance to win ultimate fan moments! 1 in 5 boxes contain a lucky ticket to win amazing prizes. 

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Here are 5 top reasons to pick up a FANCRATE gift box fro the football fan in your life.

1. For All Ages

FANCRATE curates gift boxes for everybody, from young children to cool grandfather gifts, FANCRATE has you covered. 

2. Curation 

FANCRATE curates it's boxes from only premium vendors. They switch their boxes every 2 or 3 months so your never run out of favourite team gear. 

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3. Value

Every FANCRATE includes £65+ in retail value, but can be bought for only £45 including free delivery on orders over £60.  FANCRATE does not lock you into a subscription, so there are no commitments.  Every order is a one-time buy – perfect for birthdays, easter and christmas. FANCRATE also offers free returns and exchanges, no questions asked!

4. Convenience 

FANCRATE takes the stress out of gift shopping, Every FANCRATE is packaged beautifully, and delivered right to your doorstep.  You can even have a personalised gift note in the box as well. 

5. Perfect For All Football Fans 

FANCRATE offer gift boxes from a variety of Premier League teams. Most recent boxes have included New Era Caps, Signed Pictures, Travel Mugs, Socks & Bags. Don't forget you also have a chance to win amazing fan experiences if you find a lucky ticket inside the box. 



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