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Cool Sports Gifts For Everyone

So you need to buy a gift for the special guy or girl in your life who happens to be a massive sports fan. You begin to think about unique sports gifts and wonder what the perfect sports fan gift is. Perhaps you have little knowledge of what would make an awesome gift and worry what you give will be boring and dull. Well at FANCRATE we make sure you look awesome for choosing the perfect gift. At FANCRATE, we curate the coolest box of sports gear for your favourite team. 

Here are 5 gifts for sporty people. And by the way, some of which may be found in a FANCRATE gift box! 

Monopoly - Your Favourite Team Edition

How about the classic Monopoly game, but specific to the fans favourite team. Imagine the big smile on the fans face upon receiving this and the fun in playing a classic game with a twist.

Cool Football Gifts from Fanatic Remote Controlled Beer Cooler 

This is the perfect present for the lazy footy fan who spends there weekends in front of the TV watching sport. With this beer cooler there is no need to move from the sofa. This gift will definitely be a talking point amongst friends as its carefully manoeuvred around the living room to serve an ice cold beer...cheers. 

unique sports gifts


Stylish Football Cap 

These are perfect and just in time for the summer! Show your team pride and rock one of these awesome New Era Licensed Caps from your favourite team!

Gifts for Liverpool Fans from Fanatic


T Shirt for the Fashionesta 

Most sports fans wear Tees on a regular basis, be it watching or playing in a big game. So what not allow the fan to show pride for their team with a branded T-Shirt. 

cool sports gifts


Football Gift Basket 

Looking for more than one gift then why not get 6 in 1 with a FANCRATE Gift Box. Each box comes with apparel, collectibles and other fan gear from your favourite team and delivered straight to your door. Find out more about FANCRATE here. 

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